Hello, my name is David Pascoe. For those of you who don’t know me, here is a glimpse through the musical looking glass.

I grew up in the green hills of Northern California with my parents and two older brothers, each of whom nudged me down the path I’m on. Before being a good musician, I hope to be a good brother, uncle, son, and friend. After all, these people introduced me to the things I aspire to.

From an early age, my mother and I would have conversations in song and my father would play tracks on repeat; ask anyone who has been around me learning or writing a new tune and they’ll tell you that I do the same. My middle brother is the only instrumental musician of the family. When I was young, he would bang on cardboard boxes with me, and later, show me around a guitar. My oldest brother put the bluegrass in my coffee. I drank it.


That being said, it has been mostly friends who have gotten me to where I am now: thirsty for more and humbled by my betters. Great music is built on teamwork, and you have taught me what it means to pull magic out of the group hat. Abby, thank you for helping me build a musical community. Kasey, thank you for teaching me to listen before I play.

Violin, mandolin, guitar… folk, funk, bluegrass… when it comes to instruments and styles, I am mildly schizophrenic at best. I believe that songs and the words within them can be potent things, but it is very rarely the words that make a body move. To that end, I understand that this album is not the most sonically rich. It is not the textured, layered thing of easy listening. It is a stiff cocktail of warbled emotions and crazy ideas, frivolous memories and meaningful nonsense. I say it all in jest. I mean it all in earnest. Thank you for fastening your seat belts. I hope you enjoy the ride.